by Joshua Neicho

There was jubilation among French football fans who had gathered to watch the final on a big screen at Brixton Village in the sunshine. “I’m so happy” said Morgane from Montpellier, watching with her Italian boyfriend Roberto. “We’ve been waiting since 98!”, said Lambeth resident Djamila, who grew up near Paris. “All countries did their best, but France I’m very happy for them”. “[Croatia] were aggressive, it was difficult” said Myriam, who lives in Balham.

The game united French supporters with Londoners from Francophone African countries, a good number of whom live in Lambeth.

Wearing a blue polo shirt with red and white stripes, Konate from Ivory Coast, who lives in Brixton Hill, said that supporting France is “almost the same [for me]”. Rudi from Gabon, watching the game in East London said, “I feel so proud as this victory means first of all that united we will always stand. There is no place for racism in [France]”.

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