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More fountains for London

#OneLess, the Mayor of London and MIW Water Cooler Experts are ramping up London’s refill revolution by installing new drinking water fountains across the city.

Together, we have started a ‘drinking fountain fund’ for London, and with it, we’re installing an initial network of at least 20 drinking fountains across the capital, making it really easy for Londoners to refill on the go.

The average Londoner gets through 175 bottles of water each year – that’s over a billion on a city level1. Too many of these bottles end up in the River Thames, from where they can flow out to the ocean, causing harm to marine creatures and poisoning our food chain.

By improving access to drinking water and making it really easy for Londoners to refill, #OneLess, the Mayor of London, and MIW Water Cooler Experts are leading the charge against needless single-use plastic waste and plastic pollution.

Fountains installed so far

So far, we’ve installed ten drinking water fountains.

The first of these was installed back in March in Kingly Court, Carnaby – one of London’s busiest shopping areas – in collaboration with property owner Shaftesbury. Since tracking began in June, it’s been used to refill over 14,000 bottles of water.

Recently two more fountains have been installed in Liverpool Street station – the UK’s third busiest railway station serving around 64 million passengers a year – and a fourth fountain has just been installed in Heart of Valentines Park in the London Borough of Redbridge.

With this summer being one of the hottest on record, these new public fountains will make it easier for Londoners to keep hydrated on the go without using single-use plastic water bottles, which could end up in the River Thames or the ocean.

Finding locations for the rest of the fountains

In order to find locations for the rest of the fountains, back in March 2018, we invited land and site owners across London to apply to host a drinking water fountain on their land. Applications that met the requirements laid out below were subject to a selection process undertaken by the #OneLess team.

In total, 20 sites have been selected to receive a drinking water fountain through the London Drinking Fountain Fund. The sites are a mixture of busy shopping areas, business districts, universities, public visitor attractions, transport hubs, community spaces and open parks. They range from iconic, high footfall areas such as Windrush Square Brixton, the Natural History Museum, and the Horniman Museum and Gardens; to public parks and community spaces such as Camberwell Green, Swiss Cottage Open Space, North Acton Station Square, BexleyHeath Town Centre and Paddington Recreation Ground.

  • Footfall. We were looking for sites where lots of people gather or walk past, and where large numbers of people would use a drinking fountain.
  • Access and visibility. We assessed how easy it was to access the site, including how visible the fountain would be. We also assessed how accessible the site would be for those with disabilities.
  • Communication and promotion. We took into account the applicants’ willingness and ability to promote the fountain to Londoners.

List of confirmed locations for drinking fountains

The first 20 fountain sites are indicated in the list below (* indicates those already installed). A further 17 sites are also currently being explored by #OneLess and the Mayor of London.

Site Organisation name
Kingly Court, Carnaby* Shaftesbury
Liverpool Street Station #1* Network Rail
Liverpool Street Station #1* Network Rail
Heart of Valentines Park, Redbridge* Vision – Redbridge, Culture & Leisure
Camberwell Green Southwark Council
Swiss Cottage Open Space London Borough of Camden
North Acton Station Square* London Borough of Ealing
Windrush Square, Brixton Lambeth Council
Ladywell fields* London Borough of Lewisham
Beckhenham Place Park* London Borough of Lewisham
Horniman Museum and Gardens* Horniman Museum and Gardens
Paddington Recreation Ground Everyone Active – Paddington Recreation Ground
Acton park, near the new skate park Ealing Council
Guy’s Hospital Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust
St Thomas’ Hospital Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust
Bexleyheath Town Centre London Borough of Bexley
Nisbett Walk, Sidcup Town Centre Sidcup Partners (BID)
The Natural History Museum The Natural History Museum
South St Alban’s Street, St James Crown Estate
The London School of Economics and Political Science London School of Economics and Political Science

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