Art Exhibitions In Lambeth Libraries – May 2019

Polish community portraits by Urszula Sołtys and Anna Dawid
1 to 31 May (during opening hours). West Norwood Library

Home to Home: community portraits by two Polish–born photographers. Urszula Sołtysconfronts the Polish stereotypes and reveals Polish people of Britain, whose stories are vital part of nation’s history. Anna Dawid presents portraits of youngest generation of Poles attending Streatham Tate Library, highlighting importance of bilingualism and reading in a mother tongue language.

Illustrated post- war Polish community life by Karolina Jonc–Buczek
1 to 31 May (during opening hours). Lambeth Archives, Minet Library

Post-war Polish community life from South London is presented in an unique artistic way by local illustrator Karolina Jonc–Buczek celebrating Polish Heritage 2019 in Lambeth

Colin Barnes: ‘Versace Crimewave’.
9 to 30 May (during opening hours). Brixton Library

A new series of works by artist Colin Barnes exploring the relationship and tension between a mainstream media narrative and the current climate of protest and resistance.

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