Bearpit Karaoke in London

Join in the summer festivities as Bearpit Karaoke returns to Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens!

Join in the summer festivities as the ever-popular Bearpit Karaoke returns to London and the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens!

For a decade, Berlin’s renowned Mauerpark has been the location for Joe Hatchiban’s acclaimed and unique outdoor karaoke shows, causing joyous scenes that look like this:


The Pleasure Gardens is the perfect location to bring such revelry to London – famed as the place where Londoners let loose in the 17th century.

Free to attend with no obligation to join in. We, however, take no responsibility for the actions of individuals enthralled by the energy of Bearpit Karaoke!


Hosting on various dates throughout the summer, keep an eye on our Facebook page for more information.

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