Blooming Lambeth Awards 2018

From windowsill planting in underground stations to gardens in schools, parks and on kerbsides, to a fire station and a rehabilitation garden for amputees, residents of Lambeth have been working hard over the past year to bring spaces in the borough to life. These projects have been recognised by other members of the community and nominated for a Blooming Lambeth Award. An astounding 99 nominations were entered into the awards, an increase from 67 in the previous year. More and more people are committing to making Lambeth a greener, healthier and more connected borough, that’s something to celebrate!

Incredible Edible Lambeth brings together and supports these different growing projects, inspiring community leaders and food enterprises. The Blooming Lambeth Awards celebrate the amazing achievements of our diverse growing community.

And most importantly, we’d like to say a huge ‘thank you and well done’ to everyone who entered these awards and the many volunteers who work through wind, rain and sun to tend gardens, look after other volunteers, and are working to create a better Lambeth.

When you are out and about in your ward, perhaps you could keep an eye out for food growing endeavours – both gardens and food entrepreneurs – we want to encourage those people who might not normally apply to this kind of award to submit an entry in 2019.

We will be launching the Blooming Lambeth Awards 2019 in March and will send you a reminder when the time comes.

Read the full list of all the amazing gardens, gardeners and food entrepreneurs who won prizes at the Blooming Lambeth Awards.

1. Best Community garden in a school, nursery or educational establishment

Joint winners – Heathbrook Primary School and Hitherfield Primary School

2. Best community garden on a housing estate

Joint winners – Blenheim Gardens Estate and Rosendale Gardens Estate

3. The Ivor Picardo Award for best community garden – vegetables

Winner – Lairdale Estate

Highly commended –  Woodvale Estate and Myatt’s Field South Estate

4. Best community garden in a park

Joint winners – Streatham Common Community Garden and Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses (BPCG)

5. Best community garden anywhere else

Joint winners – Amputee Rehabilitation Garden, Community Shop and  Brixton fire station mindfulness garden

Highly commended – Triangle Playground

6. Against the odds

Winner – Mawbey Farm

Highly commended – Crowhurst Sheltered Garden and Kerb Garden

7. Community gardener

Winner – Fabrice at Myatt’s Fields Park

8. Small is beautiful

Winner – Brixton Underground Station

Highly commended – Mrs Hewson’s balcony

9. Innovation

Joint winners – Ruskin Park, Clapham Leaf Project and Wolfe’s Shrubs

10. Gardens in bloom

Joint winners – Colwyn House and  Coade House

Highly commended – Fen’s Garden and Poets’ Paradise

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