BPT Community Update April 2018

Basketball Update

On Friday 27th April users of both the Regal and Jordan courts came together to discuss the development and future of basketball here at BPT. The group consisted of young people, basketball partners and regular users. Below are the key points:

  • Very pleased to be asked their opinion on the basketball development on site
  • Pleased with The Regal court regeneration and direction basketball is going onsite
  • Keen to maintain a balance between structured delivery eg scrimmages and skills clinics and open usage
  • The Basketball Ambassador programme was introduced to the group as a clear communication channel between users and BPT staff

The major decision was to form a brand that umbrellas all basketball activity here at BPT. Regal Basketball will oversee the current basketball strategy and delivery including:

  • Community Delivery
  • Partnership management and development
  • General Basketball development
  • School holiday provision
  • Basketball marketing

Regal Basketball also has its own twitter page @regalbasketball alongside a Youtube channel awaiting content. Following on from the user consultation we are currently reviewing the wider BPT Basketball Strategy and are in talks with current and new partners on how we shape basketball onsite.

Health and Wellbeing

Social Prescribing

Over the past 3 months BPT has been working in partnership with Lambeth Walk GP, Vauxhall GP, Guys and St Thomas Charity and wider North Lambeth LCN partners to conduct interviews with patients with multiple conditions around their understanding of Social Prescribing and to create a more meaningful and accessible services to support their health and wellbeing. During the interviews patients were asked a range of different questions around their life style and experience of social prescribing. The next stage of this piece of work take the findings and put in place better ways to communicate services on offer to the local community to enhance their physical and mental wellbeing.

Vauxhall GP and BPT

BPT and Vauxhall GP surgery are working together to support patients to become more physically active. Twice a month patients are referred by their GP to personal appointments to talk about their existing health and wellbeing and to look at ways BPT’s current activity programme can support them to lead healthier lifestyles.

Training and Development

Centre Point – Employability Support

BPT is pleased to be working in partnership with Centre Point and London Councils to facilitate a weekly pop -up job club that supports 19+ members of the community with: –

  • Information, Advice and Guidance – Practical employability skills, creating a CV, online job searches and interview skills
  • Education pathway – Traineeship (12 weeks) or professional course of at least 6 months, leading into work and apprenticeships
  • Work or voluntary placement – 30 hours pre-employment work experience
  • Employment pathway (Job Search) – Apprenticeships (12-24 months) or permanent/long-term contract with job support for the first 6 months

Monitoring and Evaluation

Measurement and Evaluation (M&E) is at the heart of everything that the Trust was set up to achieve. Understanding the social issues that the Trust needs to address is only half of the challenge – the other half is measuring the actual social impact delivered at the Hub by BPT and its partners and then evaluating this impact, and learning from it to further improve social impact.  In 2011 The Trust agreed the Community Services Agreement (CSA) with Lambeth Council which was a solid start to the common social impact aims.  In 2015 the new BPT Board tasked the BPT Team to establish a new set of social outcome strands which are now operational at the Hub.  To support these strands the Trust commissioned Upshot as a key tool to measure social impact at the Hub.

In early 2018 the Trust updated the social outcome strands based around actual delivery between 2015-2017 and outlined its M&E strategy in the attached document.  This document summarises the key social issues faced in the three communities that the Hub serves and then outlines the social impact strands designed to tackle these issues by BPT and its partners.  The document then explains the Trust’s approach to M&E and the importance of Upshot to evidence this.  Over time BPT will evidence hard data supporting the social impact achieved at the Hub but this will take time (years not months) to support the M&E strategy however BPT will provide an annual update on social impact at the Hub to evidence the real progress being made in this area.

General Information

NFL Partnership

BPT is pleased to be working in partnership with the NFL on a pilot project to introduce schools and children and young people to “Flag Football”. The weekly programme engages with local schools aimed at providing a holistic approach to extra-curricular activities outside of school for children and young people.

During April was Girls Football Week and to celebrate female football BPT partner Centre Point Sport ran female only football sessions and events during the week. Centre Point Sport now runs a session every Friday evening from 5-6pm for female players 16+

Rampage Movie Premier

On 12th April BPT had the opportunity to take 25 young people to the Odeon Leicester Square for the European Premier of Rampage.

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