Dayglo: The Poly Styrene Story

Wednesday 12 June, 7pm

Brixton Library


Poly Styrene was a singer- songwriter, an artist, a free-thinker, a post-modern style pioneer and a lifelong spiritual seeker: a true punkicon. Here, for the first time, the vibrant jigsaw of Poly’s inspiring and often moving story has been lovingly pieced together by her daughter, singer- songwriter Celeste Bell, and writer/artist Zoë Howe.
From growing up mixed-race in Brixton in the 1960s, to being at the forefront of the emerging punk scene with X-Ray Spex in the 1970s, to finding faith with the Hare Krishna movement, to balancing single motherhood with a solo music career and often debilitating mental health issues, the book honestly and openly explores Poly’s exceptional life, up until her untimely passing in 2011.

Join Celeste and Zoe in conversation for an exceptional night!

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