Family Business: A Memoir with Peter Conradi

Monday 20 May, 7pm
Tate South Lambeth Library

Family Business is a combination of social, family and personal history and the daringly open and original autobiography of a gifted and scrupulous biographer.

In it, he recounts his European Jewish forebears’ journeys from modest beginnings to prosperous assimilatedAnglo-Jewish life, his own difficultieswith his sexuality and his discovery around the same time of two commitments that have dominated his life: to Buddhism and to writing.

Peter Conradi has written or reviewed for the TLS, New Statesman, FT,Spectator, Independent and Guardian. His BBC appearances have included Radio 3 Nightwaves, Radio 4 Front Row, Something Understood and The Today Programme, and a special edition of BBC TV’s Omnibus.

Admission free, but a £2 donation is invited for refreshments. Organised by the Friends of Tate South Lambeth Library.

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