Garden Museum Literary Festival 2019

Tickets for Garden Museum 2019 Literary Festival are now live!

Garden Museum is delighted that this year’s Literary Festival will be at Houghton Hall and Gardens, hosted by The Marquess and Marchioness of Cholmondeley, on Friday 21 and Saturday 22 June.

The full programme of 30 speakers will be announced on 16 February 2019, and until then, Early Bird Tickets are available at special reduced prices.

Christopher Woodward, Director of the Garden Museum, gives a sense of what to expect in a magical midsummer of talks and conversations in one of Britain’s most enchanting private homes:

”We set up the Festival to celebrate good writing about gardens – and to share what inspires us in gardens. So there will be talks by designers such as Tom Stuart-Smith and by Julian and Isabel Bannerman; Sir Roy Strong will remember Cecil Beaton’s love of flowers, and Catherine Horwood will give the first glimpse of her biography of Beth Chatto, drawn from unique access to her archive. As those who have attended previous Festivals know – at Serge Hill, Petworth, Hatfield and Boughton – you will have a choice between two or three talks or tours at any one time. And we limit ticket numbers to 150 so that there’s a very special sense of intimacy.

But it is also an opportunity to immerse yourself in the spirit of a new place each year. Houghton is one of the most astonishing houses to be built in the 18th Century, and its interiors are breathtakingly intact. The landscape begins with Charles Bridgeman in the 1720s, and continues up to the beautiful walled garden created by the current Lord Cholmondeley with the Bannermans, in memory of his grandmother, Lady Sibyl Cholmondeley.

A major theme of this Festival will be the artworks commissioned for the landscape by Lord Cholmondeley, which began with ‘Skyspace’ by James Turrell in 2000 and has continued with pieces by Sir Richard Long, Rachel Whiteread and Anya Gallaccio.What makes Houghton one of the most remarkable places to Britain to explore contemporary art is the emotion which these works have created in a spell-binding landscape, and Lord Cholmondeley will share the story of its making.”

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