Get Involved into Cycling!

Cycle Skills Training

Lambeth offers bespoke training to everyone who works, studies or lives in the borough. It doesn’t matter what level you are, the training is tailored to you. So even if you commute daily by bike, the training will confirm that you are doing it correctly and possibly learn some extra tips. If you have NEVER cycled before, the instructors will help you up on the bike. They can also advise you on route planning and find a way to work or the shops that suits you.

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Try before you bike

Want to try cycling but need some help and support? Lambeth offers a range of cycles to suit everyone: electric, folding, adapted, ladies’ and men’s. You can borrow the bikes by the month until you have paid off the price of the bike. The cycle will be delivered to your home where you will have a session of cycle skills training to raise your confidence and enthusiasm from the get go. Check out the Peddle My Wheels website to answer some questions and find out which is the best bike for you.


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