GPPMovements invites you to their brunch and discussion

GPPMovements invites you to their brunch and discussion on the 30th June 2018 at Brixton Community Base (Talma Road) starting at 11am till 12:30pm.
 This is a free event, all we ask is that you secure a ticket so we know who’s coming. That way food will be available to you.
*If there are any special requests feel free to share that with me or upon purchase of the ticket*

One of GPPmovements many focus points is the link between our churches and communities. We will be holding a discussion on out-reach and looking at where there are areas/gaps in the market that we GPP can meet.

You dont have to be a church member or a believer in God to get involved. We just want to know your views. So, the potential discussion points are:

>Is the Church seen as a source of help within the community?

>what more could be done by the Church for the benefit of the community?

>do local projects feel supported by their local Church?

>what does our community need more of in these times? (For example: Projects, funding etc) and how are these things different to what’s already available?

> what’s the best way GPPmovements can help to bring change and how would you like GPPMovements to develop

This event is being hosted by GPP Lead Cleopatra, we will share more on the day about GPP and the future aims. I look forward to seeing you there and remember

PLEASE secure a plate via eventbrite link

Dont want you to go hungry!

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