Ibrahim Dogus is elected the next Mayor of Lambeth!

It has been announced that Councillor Ibrahim Dogus has been elected the Mayor of Lambeth, set to take office on 22 May. Dogus will take over the mayoralty from Councillor Christopher Wellbelove, whom Dogus has worked alongside for over a year as Deputy Mayor. Dogus commented on Twitter that “working alongside [Cllr Wellbelove] has afforded me the best possible training to take over this role.”

As a teenage Kurdish refugee in the 1990s who washed restaurant dishes without speaking much English, Dogus said that his election as Mayor showed how Lambeth was a place of opportunity for all – and that it’s his top priority to make sure this continues.

As Mayor, Dogus intends to continue to promote the success of small local businesses. As an owner of three small businesses in Lambeth employing dozens of local people, Dogus has set up the SME4Labour organisation to help champion links between the party and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as self-employed people.

In May 2018, Dogus was elected to Lambeth Council to represent Bishop’s ward in Lambeth, where he lives with his family and where his restaurants are, as well as taking on the role of being Deputy Mayor.

As a small business owner, Dogus is also a supporter and member of the Business Improvement District for Southbank.

Beyond his work within the Borough, Dogus has attracted national headlines on several occasions. Most recently, a pro-Remain message printed on receipts in his restaurants, reading Brexit is bad. Immigrants make Britain great. They also cooked and served your food today.’ Which drew support for its pro-migrant message, drew ire in equal measure from far-right groups which targeted the restaurants in response. During the Westminster Bridge terror attack in March 2017, Dogus kept Troia open late into the night and fed hundreds of emergency responders from the London Ambulance Service, the fire brigade and police for free.

Find out more about Lambeth’s next Mayor at ibrahimdogus.org 

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