Kennington Cross Safety Petition

Local residents have started a campaign to improve safety at Kennington Cross.  The junction at Kennington Cross (SE11) is extremely dangerous and needs to be vastly improved.  There are three pedestrian crossings across the junction, all used heavily throughout the day, particularly by young families and children (there are 2 nurseries on either side of the crossing, as well as a number of schools in the area).  Motorists and cyclists often block these crossings, creating a number of hazardous moments every day.  Also the pedestrian lights do not allow enough time to cross the road – 5 seconds to cross a major junction is nowhere near enough time.  There have been many near misses at the pedestrian crossings.  This is an accident waiting to happen.  As Kennington Lane is just outside of the congestion zone there is a large volume of traffic passing through this junction, with many vehicles ignoring red lights or speeding to get through the junction. Added to this, cyclists also often ignore the lights and race through the junction, exacerbating the risks.

A TfL expert urgently needs to review the sequencing of the lights (both for traffic and pedestrians) on all sections of the junction. We feel at a minimum that TfL need to increase the duration of time that the pedestrian lights are green to enable sufficient time to cross safely.

Ideally, there would be a yellow box and cameras installed at the junction to deter traffic from cruising through the junction and blocking the crossings.

A zero tolerance campaign to penalise and deter cyclists at the junction for a week or a month would be a start to educating these commuters of the risks they are taking. But an ongoing sporadic police presence is needed.

Please help support to make a change for the safety and well-being of Kennington residents (young and old).

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