Lambeth welcomes Link UP London to develop skills and support local charities

Link UP London, the skilled volunteer matching service, has recently expanded their activity into Lambeth. Link UP brings people with professional skills and local charities together for short-term, meaningful volunteer projects that make a difference in their community.

“We are excited to work with the many amazing charities based in Lambeth,” says Link UP London founder Kim Perlow. “Our local skilled volunteers with experience in design, HR, coaching, accounting, social media, web development, strategy and more, have made a huge difference to our Wandsworth charity partners. We can’t wait to see the positive change they bring to Lambeth’s voluntary and community organisation sector.”

Link UP volunteer projects are designed to fit into busy lives making volunteering easy and accessible. Volunteers are a diverse group; working professionals, professionals currently out of the workforce and the recently retired. Projects vary from just a few hours over one day, to forty hours over six months. Throughout the projects volunteers develop experience, skills, networks and increase their confidence whilst giving back to their local community.

“I really enjoyed my experience”, comments a Link UP volunteer. “Not only did it help me learn about the challenges of being a small charity trying to bring about a big change, but it also assisted me back into employment after my career break. It was so important for me to feel that I could offer them something useful.”

Companies and business networks can also take part in Link UP London’s volunteering opportunities. Engaging in skills based volunteer projects has been shown to boost staff leadership skills, employee satisfaction and team cohesion.

Cllr Jim Dickson (Voluntary Sector and Partnerships) said: “I’m delighted that Link UP is bringing its valuable expertise to Lambeth supplementing the work we’re doing to build greater capacity in the voluntary and community sector. This council is focused on ensuring the benefits of growth are accessible to all our communities, and the work about to start fully supports that objective.”

People who would like to use their professional skills to make a real difference in the local community are invited to contact Link UP London to learn more. Additionally Link UP London welcomes interest from any local charities that would like to develop a short-term, structured project for a skilled volunteer to work on. www.linkuplondon.org

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