Last month of summer Dr Bikes

Don’t miss out on FREE bike checks taking place across the borough. Get your bike checked out to make sure it is ready for the winter months ahead.

Bring your bike to our team of professional mechanics who will look it over for free and check tyres, brakes, gears and its general roadworthiness. If your bike has an issue that cannot be rectified in 15 minutes they will advise you on what is wrong so you can take it to a bike shop well-informed.

The police will be at the events marking bikes and adding details to BikeRegister.com. This service will deter theft and in the event your bike is stolen, will ensure that your details are on a nationwide database so it is much more likely to be returned to you if recovered. Bikes have been marked for free in Lambeth for a few years now in collaboration with the Metropolitan Police. There are reports that a number of stolen bikes have been returned to their Lambeth owners as a result. BikeRegister is simple and easy way to register your bike details online. Every police force in the UK uses the BikeRegister database to search for stolen and recovered bikes so no matter where your bike is recovered, it will be returned to you.

The sessions take place on a Wednesday, weekly until the end of the September.

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