Migration Museum: Our ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ exhibition Room to Breathe reopens

The Migration Museum is back open after the holidays, so what better way to beat the January blues than by visiting us and exploring our critically acclaimed exhibition Room to Breathe, featuring seven immersive rooms filled with hundreds of powerful everyday stories from new arrivals to Britain.

Here’s a selection of what critics have said about Room to Breathe:

‘This is an ambitious immersive exhibition and it’s truly fantastic ★★★★★’ 

‘This is an interactive exhibition which offers an immersive journey through the arrival of an immigrant in the UK… The part of the exhibition that struck me most was the things that people bring with them: the last remnants of the home they left behind – it could be a teddy bear, or a favourite snack… It must be so difficult to know you’re probably never going to go back.’
The Observer – On my radar: Bart Layton’s cultural highlights

‘The spaces are warm, not just places of longing and of sadness, but also of happiness, celebrating the joy to be found in the freedom to be yourself, go out dancing, meet kindred spirits half a world away, and maybe even fall in love.’
The Irish Times

‘Room to Breathe is an acutely personal and immersive exhibition, drawing on the stories and objects donated to it by men and women who came to Britain over the years and made it their home… Their accounts, hidden in cupboards, or on the back of food packets in a mock-up kitchen, tell stories that are diverse, evocative, sometimes poignant, painful and funny.’
The Hindu

Room to Breathe is open 12–8pm on Thursdays and 12–6pm Friday-Sundays. Admission is free.

The exhibition features a different artist in residence each month, and Museum also has a wide range of events associated with the exhibition planned, including cooking classes led by migrant chefs, art workshops, film screenings and more. Migration Museum will be in touch with more details of upcoming events soon – and do keep an eye on Museum’s website and social media accounts in the meantime.

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