Publisher Letter: What happened in 2018 and what’s next for Lambeth Life

As the year draws to a close, here’s a brief update on what happened in 2018 and what’s next for Lambeth Life.

We have began our journey as a free local community newspaper to celebrate the contribution made by individuals, community organisations and businesses and to ensure that the Lambeth continues to be a place where we all prosper and live in peace and harmony.

This year has been dominated by discussions about the Brexit. Freedom of movement, or the customs union, or the single market, the national conversation has been largely conducted at the level of macro-economics, and geo-politics.

Big sweeping themes about the future of our nation, and our nation’s place in the global economy. Our readers do not need me to remind them that almost 80% of us in Lambeth voted to remain and we would not be sorry to see Brexit thrown into the bin.

Perhaps the most significant event of 2018 for us in Lambeth was the visit of former First Lady Michelle Obama’s visit to Southbank Centre in Lambeth. In her own words Michelle explained her journey in an amazing way “I’m an ordinary person who found herself on an extraordinary journey. In sharing my story, I hope to help create space for other stories and other voices, to widen the pathway for who belongs and why”. You will read more about Michelle Obama’s visit to Lambeth in our exclusive story in this issue.

In this issue’s features, Joshua Neicho gets the latest views from Pimlico Plumbers founder and prominent Remainer Charlie Mullins, and talks to local EU citizens about how they feel in the lead up to the Brexit vote. We also take a look at how Lambeth Council is responding to the biting cuts imposed by central government; we discuss the proposed changes to children’s centre funding from both the council’s perspective and the response from Coin Street, one of the centres set to lose funding under current plans. We launch a new regular feature piece in collaboration with It’s Freezing in LA! the Lambeth-based arts, science and politics magazine which focuses on how climate change affects people’s lives. Each issue, Lambeth Life will publish tailored articles about how local matters. In line with this, we look at the innovative work taking place at the Remakery in Brixton, where social enterprises are supporting upcycling and reclaiming waste materials.

While many local free papers continue to cease trading, Lambeth Life, with your continuous support, has grown from 20,000 print copies into 60,000 copies and now reaches over 60% of homes in Lambeth and its reach is increasing with every issue.

As a not-for-profit but for-public-good journalism project, our content is free for all to access and we are delighted to work with many volunteers and freelancers who contribute so much to our community newspaper.

On behalf of all at Lambeth Life we want to thank you for your wonderful support over the past year. During the festive season we hope you might even switch off a little from the over-information age but keep an eye on our website and social media accounts for fantastic announcements for the New Year.

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