Savvy Streathamites rake in over £20,000 just by sharing their idle cars

Car owners in Streatham have shown they are one of the quickest London boroughs to adopt the sharing economy movement. With the average car in the UK sitting idle for up to 23 hours a day, savvy Streathamites have realised they could be earning up to £1,000 extra a month, just by renting out their idle cars to a friendly neighbour.

Hiyacar, the peer-to-peer car sharing app revealed that Streatham residents earnt over £20,000 in the last year alone, making it one of London’s most popular areas for sharing. Stats from the company show a huge demand and reveal that residents could, in fact, be sitting on a collective £100,000 worth of untapped earning potential.

But it’s not just about the money. The wider impact for community conscious residents also proved an even bigger attraction. For every Hiyacar driven, up to 11 vehicles are taken off the road. Within a 10-15 minute walk of the SW16 area, there are over 250,000 qualified drivers yet only half as many cars available to rent. These extra 125,000 drivers that don’t own a car have a wealth of options available through Hiyacar – from fuel-efficient models, such as the Fusion Zetec and the Prius, which topped the most popular hires to the most in-demand car brands, Ford and Mercedes.

Hiyacar announced its focus on Streatham is increasing meaning many local streets will have ambassadors offering special discounts for people living in the area who become involved with the initiative.

Graeme Risby, co-founder and CEO of Hiyacar, says “We chose Streatham as our spotlight area as its one of the most progressive neighbourhoods in London when it comes to the Sharing Economy. We want to work with the residents to offer a smarter and more sustainable way for people to get around. Car sharing makes much better use of the vehicles that already exist, helping owners make money, drivers save money, and all of us benefit as a community.”

With over 70,000 members nationwide, Hiyacar is the only genuine peer-to-peer car sharing company in the UK with a truly keyless technology (QuickStart) which removes the hassle of a key handover. The UK has approximately 32m cars, with 3m in London alone, yet they are idle 95% of the time. Hiyacar’s mission is to change the way people own and use cars. The Hiyacar website and app allows car owners to rent their cars to vetted drivers, saving time, money and hassle. All bookings are also covered by full insurance from AXA and AA roadside assistance.

For those looking for a bargain, download the free Hiyacar app and use the code Hiyapcx30 for £30 off your first booking or £30 extra income for your first share.

Megan’s Story

After seeing an advert on Instagram in March, Megan decided to find out more information on Hiyacar and registered her car on the platform. Since then she has earn over £1,500 by renting her car out every other week.

Working as an Events Coordinator at Imperial College London, Megan’s car regularly sits idle on her drive. With Hiyacar she’s been able to earn extra income which she has put towards travelling. Megan’s also been lucky enough to receive flowers and ribbons after her car was used as a bridal carriage!

Never one to sit still, she’s already got adventures planned to the Peak District and Sheffield – both funded by other people’s trips in her car with Hiyacar. Through sharing her car, Megan can now afford to travel more and enjoy adventures in and outside of the UK. She’s currently spending her earnings in Thailand!

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