Stop The Blocks – Update on Challenge to Woodlands Redevelopment

Residents in the Prince’s Ward, SE11 and wider community have got together to constructively challenge Anthology’s stated proposals for the development of the Kennington site where The Cinema Museum is and the old Woodlands Nursing home operated. The community action group is called “Stop the Blocks”.

We recognise and appreciate the need for more affordable homes in the borough. We are committed and focused on ensuring any development is proportionate with the size of the site and is considerate of the existing residential community.

The proposed development has important implications for many residents in the area and includes a proposal for 320 dwellings across a 34 storey tower block and 4/5 storey mansion block behind the homes on Renfrew road.  The site is also bordered by the Water Tower development which includes George Mathers Road, Brook Drive, Castlebrook Close and Dante Road.

If you are interested in finding out more please email us contactstoptheblocks@gmail.com or visit our website at www.stoptheblocks.org.

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