The Birth of the Mula Wolves, pure energy and great atmosphere

The Mula Wolves basketball tournament for 13-16yr olds was a huge success.

With over 185 people in attendance at The Regal on Saturday 25th Aug 2018 with Dexter Simms, Justin Robinson and the Mula Wolves team was able to formulate their first ever youth basketball tournament which was free of charge for the participanting teams.

With children from Croydon, Brixton, Kennington and as far as Bracknell taking part which not only showed how far the news of the tournament reached. It also showed diversity in culture and unity through sport.

This event really did highlight the positive side of our youth as there was nothing but sheer sportsmanship throughout and with more of these types of events they could all have brighter futures.

Keep your eyes peeled and ears open for the next Tournament as the Mula Wolves Academy for 8-18 years takes flight in 2019.

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