The London Dungeon launches daring set of challenges for 2019

This February, The London Dungeon launched its first ever ’we dare you’ challenge – which will see them putting their most traitorous guests to the test with a range of horrifyingly dark tasks.

The content series will see fearless influencers take part in a series of challenges across the year, with each themed and inspired by The London Dungeon’s infamous characters and scream-inducing shows.

Bringing to life the story of Mrs Lovett and her heinous hors d’eouvres, the first challenge see’s vlogger Joe Charman – known for his strapline ‘Yeah I’ve got skills’ – challenged to eat one of the characters questionable pies, made using a recipe which resembles the taste of real human flesh (not one for the vegans out there).

Describing the putrid pie as the ‘worst thing he has ever tasted’, Joe is given just two minutes to finish the whole thing. So, did he eat the repulsive flesh flavour pie, or did he admit defeat?

Those who are brave enough to find out can watch the full video here.

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