You’re never too young to graduate from Lambeth Children’s University

Children as young as five have been celebrating their efforts to go the extra mile during a special awards ceremony at the London South Bank University. The event had up to 90 students aged 7-14, from schools across Lambeth, receive praise for their achievements. Over the past few months, they have been gathering credits for their learning hours-those who have successfully completed 30, 65 and 100 hours of extra-curricular activities will be rewarded with Bronze, Silver and Gold certificates in the formal graduation ceremony respectively. They’ll have the chance to experience all the academic traditions, including wearing robes and mortarboards, as well as having photographs taken as a permanent reminder of their big day.

The Children’s University aims to raise aspirations, encourage young people to aim higher and ease the transition into higher education. The Children’s University is a National Trust initiative which aims to provide exciting and innovative learning activities and experiences outside of the classroom and ensure young people view university as a place to aspire to and succeed in the future.
Mayor Councillor Ibrahim Dogus – It is a tremendous privilege to be asked to speak and present awards at the Lambeth CU – the branch has done much good work to enrich the lives of children and the children have responded with enthusiasm.  To see work in progress is rewarding for all involved.

Professor Shan Wareing, Deputy Vice Chancellor (Education) of London South Bank University and Chancellor of Lambeth Children’s University. Professor Shan says “I am honoured to show my support to the Children’s University. The enthusiasm and hard work shown by the young people who have taken part is an inspiration to us all at London South Bank, and the programme shows that higher education is an attainable dream for people of all backgrounds. We hope to see many of the faces we’ll see on Thursday studying with us in the years to come!”

Angela Nelson, Lambeth Children’s University Manager: “The relationship with the University is absolutely vital in raising aspirations for the students and every member of staff is keen to help students see that there are far greater opportunities after leaving school than they could ever imagine. Being involved in activities and events like this can help improve self-confidence, self-belief and help them believe they can go on and achieve above and beyond what they thought was possible. The University is just a mile or two from where most of these children live. It’s absolutely marvellous to show them how accessible it is and what great facilities are available. I couldn’t thank the University enough in working with our schools to offer the best we possibly can. To find out more on the Children’s University, please visit: http://www.lambethchildrensuniversity.co.uk

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