Campaign to Promote Safe Exercise

A creative agency, Pablo, together with media agency Electric Glue, Digital specialist Tipi and PR agency Freuds havecreated a campaign to encourage people to Run Right and exercise safely.

People are getting increasingly angry with runners who are not keeping their distance and running without care; many seem to be first time or new runners who have no spatial awareness.

The campaign hopes that brands that are linked to running would share this campaign and contribute to motivating their customers to run right and think of others.

  • The UK wide Lockdown has meant many people have taken up running as their only form of exercise. But some runners are getting too close and not getting out the way of others. They are also running in busy areas.
  • The fear is that if they don’t keep their distance, they run the risk of having this window of exercise shut down.

Dan Watts at Pablo said: “Safety is our first thought here, if people are going to go out and run, we want them to do this responsibly and think about their own health and others. It’s interesting, running is really helpful for many right now, when people go out their main motivation is health so what we are saying is if you want to run lets Run Right”.

Advice that we have heard is:

  • Show respect to others
  • Keep your space; always keep two metres apart
  • Don’t run up behind people; breathing and spraying all over them – you’re scaring them, and they believe putting their lives at risk

OR running could be banned

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