Chinese is Britain’s Favourite Takeaway

  • New YouGov poll shows Brit’s favourite takeaway
  • Chinese is Britain’s favourite, followed by Indian and fish and chips
  • Chinese most popular in every region except Scotland, which is split between Chinese and Indian (24%, 25%)
  • Young Brits prefer pizza; older Britons prefer fish and chips


New YouGov research shows that Chinese is Britain’s favourite takeaway.

Overall one in four Brits picked Chinese food as their preferred takeaway (25%), while 17% say they prefer Indian and 16% opt for fish and chips.

One in eight would choose pizza (12%), while Thai food and kebabs prove significantly less popular (3% each) followed by chicken and burgers (2% each). A significant proportion of the population (13%) also say they do not eat takeaways.

Chinese is the most preferred takeaway in every area of Britain apart from Scotland, which is split 24% to 25% over Chinese and Indian takeaway respectively. Fish and chips is also most popular in Scotland (20%).

Pizza is most popular in the North of England (16%), and least preferred in Scotland (7%).














The survey also shows how young and older Briton’s takeaway tastes differ. The younger Britons are the most likely they are to say pizza is their favourite takeaway – nearly a quarter (23%) of 18 to 24-year-olds say it’s their favourite compared to just 2% of over 65s. By contrast, only 6% of young adults chose fish and chips compared to almost three in ten over 65s (28%).

Chinese is the most popular choice with both 25 to 49-year-olds (29%) and 50 to 64-year-olds (26%).












Commenting on the research, Connor Ibbetson, Data Journalist at YouGov said:

“Britain is a nation of food lovers, and YouGov’s latest research shows that our favourite takeaway food is Chinese food. This is the case around the country, apart from in Scotland who are split between Chinese and Indian food. Britain’s love for Chinese food is strongest among those aged between 25 and 64, while older Brits are fonder of fish and chips and those aged 18-24 favour pizza.”



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