Creativity has continued to flourish at 72 Upper Ground

Sat in the heart of London and besides the River Thames, the South Bank is one of the capital’s richest cultural landmarks. The creativity, dynamism and diversity of the South Bank combined with its world-leading venues makes the South Bank a hot spot for artists and creatives alike.

At 72 Upper Ground, the scheme that CO-RE and Mitsubishi Estate are proposing, we want to harness that creativity and create a scheme that will amplify the iconic arts and cultural offering of the South Bank while complementing the existing infrastructure.

Sitting on the site of The London Studios, 72 Upper Ground will invigorate the space by having an ecosystem of commercial space, including affordable workspace, retail space and independent food and beverage offerings. This is in addition to new public realm such as green space, new routes through to the South Bank and a rooftop terrace, accessible to the public.

But crucially, our mission for the future site is to enhance this by offering a new cultural destination, where the best of the South Bank and Lambeth is created and on show, led by placemaking agency Futurecity.

The creation of a new multi-functional cultural destination could include, amongst others, immersive gallery and performance spaces, outdoor screenings and digital production spaces.

While we consult and source community feedback, rather than leaving The London Studios empty, we saw this as an amazing opportunity to utilise this famous and sizeable space, particularly during a time when some cultural organisations have suffered in small spaces during COVID restrictions for office space.

PREVIEW is our meanwhile programme for 72 Upper Ground running until June 2021. The programme has provided socially distanced studio and office spaces to a range of occupiers, big and small, including international film production companies and Lambeth-based creative organisations, who we supported by giving them space at peppercorn rates.

Since December last year, Young Creators UK (YCUK) have been bringing youth, creativity and social impact with their project, the Southbank Shutdown. Their innovative model of youth, creativity and social entrepreneurship allowed them to empower their young, diverse team to create one of the most accessible and professional creative toolkits in London. Their project has acted as a hub for artists, creative agencies, community leaders, councils and youth organizations to collaborate with them in new and exciting ways. Another big step on their mission to create change.

Black Cultural Archives is a heritage centre dedicated to collecting, preserving and celebrating the histories of African and Caribbean people. Their programming tells powerful and vital stories, illuminating history and bringing ideas for all generations to the South Bank.

Iconic Steps is a social enterprise supporting young people from diverse backgrounds that face multiple barriers into employment. We know that young people play an enormous role in creating a vibrant and engaging Lambeth and Iconic Steps trains them with digital production skills, that help young people fulfil their potential, and connects them directly to opportunities in the creative industry.

We want to work with these creative organisations because they are telling incredible stories, doing amazing work, and creating real, impactful change for young people.

This is a huge part of our mission for 72 Upper Ground: creating a space in which the cultural significance fosters creativity for people of all ages and backgrounds and gives something back to the community.

Through consultation and networking, PREVIEW has tested our cultural principles for the space and provide us with a strong understanding of the needs of occupier businesses, creative groups and charities, and the amenities and design features that they require. And these organisations are feeding into design and placemaking workshops with the architects, landscape architects and placemaking.  It has been an enormous success.

And armed with this knowledge, we know we can deliver a scheme that becomes the South Bank’s next great landmark.

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