Dialogue Hub is now hosting Dialogue Café!

Dialogue Cafe is opening on the 4th of May in Waterloo within the week of Deaf Awareness Week.

A cafe where deaf and hearing-impaired people are trained to become baristas, and customers will order their drinks in British Sign Language with the assistance of the assets and signage around them. It will be the first of its kind in the UK with a very strong commitment to social inclusion. The aim of the cafe is to champion British Sign Language by inviting people into a new way of communicating while creating employment opportunities for deaf and hearing-impaired people in the London Borough of Lambeth.

All Press, La Marzocco and Lambeth Council are partnering with the Cafe to deliver this amazing concept. This platform will allow the public to gain a deeper insight into different perspectives and realities. By creating alternative communication and dialogue experiences the Cafe will help public to step outside of their comfort zone and engage and think differently, towards an inclusive society.

At Dialogue Hub, kindness comes first, just like what mark twain once said ‘kindness is the language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see’. You may not know sign but you can be kind and start learning BSL.


Check out Dialogue Cafe →43 York Rd, South Bank, London SE1 7NJ

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