Garden Museum News: Sanctuary

While the Garden Museum is currently closed, we’re sharing lots of stories and artworks from our Sanctuary exhibition online.

A recent article in the New York Review of Books by Jenny Uglow, who visited shortly before the Museum closed, explored this timely tale of finding hope in the garden. This newsletter features the images Jenny chose:

“A bright, blowy day in London. Blue sky, tumbling white clouds… Could spring be coming? We are fed up with snow and floods and sad, bad news. Many of us—myself including—simply want to get into the garden. In tune with this mood, thank goodness, the Garden Museum is showing an exhibition called “Sanctuary: Artist-Gardeners 1919–1939…”

“…There is something wild and free here, a closeness of plant and human that is found in Evelyn Dunbar’s painting. In the unfinished ‘Woman Tending Bocconea cordata’ (circa 1937), a determined woman—perhaps Dunbar herself—reaches into the stems to cut a dead leaf from the giant Plume Poppy propped against a warm south-facing wall.

It’s a painting of striving and soaring, letting us feel how much Dunbar admires this majestic, resilient plant with its vivid surface and sheeny underside…”

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Sanctuary Exhibition Catalogue

Didn’t manage to visit Sanctuary before we temporarily closed? Discover these artist-gardeners and their stories in the exhibition catalogue, which we’ve made viewable FREE on our website until the Museum re-opens. This selling exhibition is in support of the Garden Museum’s education programmes. If you would like to know more about any of the works for sale, please contact [email protected].

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Garden Museum Films

Now is the time to delve into our back catalogue of films! Sit back and enjoy celebrations of iconic gardens and gardeners, learn about history of the Museum, or catch up on our favourite talks from throughout the years that you might have missed. We’ve picked out a couple within the theme of ‘sanctuary’ for this week’s newsletter, plus a lecture by Tom Stuart-Smith

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