Get Your Garden Ahead in 2021

SPELLBROOK, England (January 2021) – The new year is upon us, and traditionally January is a time to look ahead and make plans for the year. At Toro, a global leader in turf and landscape equipment, and Hayter, a premium British lawnmower manufacturer, we are already thinking about how to get our garden off to the best start for 2021, to make sure this year we have a lovely outdoor space to enjoy come spring and summer.

Here are some tips on what you can be doing in the garden this January.


Check it out

To keep it easy, what better job to start the year with than a quick check of the garden to make sure any winter protection installed is still in place. Make sure all your coverings are still doing their jobs protecting your plants from any frosts. It’s also worth doing the same for any indoor plants you may have stored such as Dahlia tubers.

Recycle your Christmas tree

This year, don’t let your tree stand sadly in the garden as the winter passes by only for it to be thrown away in spring when it becomes unsightly. This year why not shred the tree to create some woodchip mulch for your garden. The fresh wood chips can be placed in your border whilst it rots and can then be used as a great mulch around trees and plants come spring time.

Keep your garden tidy

After your autumn garden tidy up your outdoor space may be starting to get a little busy again. We recommend getting outside on a sunny January day and making sure that your garden is still clear of debris and leaves. Get the job done quicker by using Toro’s Flex-Force Power System® Leaf Blower with 2.5Ah 60V battery.

Feed the birds

Winter may seem like a quiet time in your garden, but many birds and other wildlife still frequent your outdoor space – but food may be scarce during colder months. Do your bit by leaving out seeds, nuts and water for birds to enjoy. You could also try creating bug homes and leaving out suitable leftovers for wildlife to give them a lovely place to hide out during the cold snaps.

Take care of the lawn

Whilst we are not ready for the first mow of the year, we have to wait until March time for that, lawn care is still something that should be top of your mind. On a frosty day be sure not to walk across your lawn and turf as this can be very damaging to the grass. That lovely crunching sound is actually blades breaking, and come spring this can lead to unattractive brown patches of grass and damaged turf.

Get weeding

It may not be an obvious winter job, but giving the garden a good weed can be a wonderful winter job. Not only will you be able to easily spot intruders in your borders or planters, the risk of damaging any of your own plants will be lower.

Prune it

Lastly, whilst winter isn’t a key time for cutting back, it is a great time for pruning fruit trees, such as apple and pear trees, amongst some other plants such as roses in the garden. This activity may not be top of the list for a cold, wet January day, but get out there on a crisp sunny day and it will also be enjoyable – as well as highly beneficial to the plant and its performance this year.


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