Kennington Park has 20 new trees!

Kennington was south London’s first public park, opened in 1854, and renowned for its mature trees.  This year, the Friends of Kennington Park, were sponsors of a tree project run by Trees for Cities.  In August volunteers surveyed all 480 trees in the park and park extension. It was discovered that 33% of the trees were from just 3 species – Oriental plane (15%), Leyland cypress (11%) and holly (7%). In November when 20 new trees were planted, they were selected to fill in gaps, but also to build on the diversity of species and to add botanical interest and ecological value. The new trees include a black mulberry, Italian alder, quince and foxglove.

Thanks to the hard work of 49 volunteers 17 new trees were planted and Trees for Cities worked with local schools to plant a further 3. Marietta Crichton Stuart, Chair of the Friends of Kennington Park, said “Twenty new trees for the park is a brilliant result and we are now far more aware of the valuable ecosystem services the park’s trees provide, they include air pollution removal, storm water reduction, carbon sequestration and carbon storage.  If you would like to know more about the park and the Friends group, have a look at our website www.kenningtonpark.org

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