Let them make a fabulous breakfast with the new recipe box from Cook School 

It’s going to be a very different Valentine’s Day this year, and if you have children, it’s likely to be more of a family affair!  Cook School has created a fabulous box full of fresh ingredients for the children to make you all a fabulous breakfast, delivered (hopefully!) with a kiss.

The Valentine’s Day granola with fresh fruit and yogurt box is available from pale green dot Subscription Box – Cook School and can be ordered as a one-off, or on a fortnightly subscription which delivers a different recipe box each time.  Each box costs £20.00.

The Valentine’s Day delivery will arrive on Friday 12th February just in time for the children to make a Valentine’s Day breakfast for the family to share together on Sunday. This incredible granola recipe makes up to 12 servings, is packed with oats, nuts, seeds and fruit, and is lightly sweetened with Canadian maple syrup. There’s also fresh yogurt and fresh fruit in the box to make this an extra-special meal.

Each of the Cook School recipe boxes contains all the ingredients you need to create a delicious, healthy vegetarian meal for four people, and a simple, step-by-step recipe card for children to follow with their parents. These easy-to-follow instructions are written by award-winning children’s cookbook author and co-founder of Cook School, Amanda Grant, and have been thoroughly tested by children.


Other fortnightly Cook School Recipe Boxes will include:

Cauliflower curry

Made with creamy coconut milk and tomato, packed with veg, and brimming with flavour, this lightly spiced curry is too good to miss. You’ll be mopping up the thick, rich sauce with fluffy naans, which are provided in your recipe box.

Harissa bean burger

These cheese-topped veggie burgers taste so good, and they’re great fun to make, too. Children will love mashing, grating and mixing. Enjoy with crunchy lettuce, juicy tomato, and herby, home-made potato wedges on the side.

Homemade pizza

Learn how to make fresh pizza dough the Italian way, and show children the magic of waiting for a tasty, fluffy dough to rise! Top it with a no-cook tomato sauce that’s so versatile, you’ll want to make it again and again. The box contains enough ingredients to make three pizzas and a delicious, buttery garlic bread!

The boxes include interesting facts about fruit and veg and handy, simple kitchen techniques for children to try. It’s a great way for them to learn about healthy food and how to cook it at home. The first box to be sent out to subscribers will include everything kids need to make a tasty cauliflower curry, including top-quality fresh seasonal vegetables from British growers.

Each box also helps teach another child how to cook. As Cook School is a community project, the Cook School money made from the recipe boxes will go back into teaching other children to cook.

Cook School co-founder Amanda Grant says: “We started this box to continue on our mission to help children understand food and how to cook. Learning these skills can help us all to stay healthy, and to have a healthier planet. We’ve taught thousands of children to cook in schools and clubs across the country, including over Zoom during lockdown.”

“Cooking and eating well is more important now than ever before. Our aim is to make everyone feel like they’re part of Cook School, which is why we’ve launched this recipe box – so children can carry on cooking at home.”

For more information and ordering, go to https://cookschool.shop or email [email protected]

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