Missing cat – help in the search for Baggins!

Lambeth Life received a message from our reader about the missing cat https://www.facebook.com/AnimalSearchUK/posts/2326675850681715).

We are desperate for any means to reach the Vauxhall community.

Baggins is a 6 month old brown Siberian tabby. He has white paws and underbelly, and green/golden eyes. He is very young and has been raised as an indoor cat- he mostly hasn’t been adventurous when we tried to take him for walks. It was quite a surprise when my husband informed me yesterday that he had escaped through the window (I was not in the country) as it is one of his favourite perches and he has never shown any desire of jumping out. CCTV footage showed him running into Vauxhall Park opposite us. We’ve contacted local vets, registered him as on various lost pet databases and started a search campaign through Animal Search (https://www.animalsearchuk.co.uk/ALP354983).

There is a £500 reward to anybody who can bring him safely back to us.

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