New Lambeth Life issue Goes Live

The latest Lambeth Life – the first print edition since October 2019 – has just gone live!
Read the full issue online here.
Editor’s Introduction

Hello and welcome to Lambeth Life!

When I took on the job of editing this edition – the first since late 2019 – I didn’t quite know where to start. It would be impossible to cover the full gambit of what’s happened over the past year. But when I put the call out for community news stories, it didn’t take long to be inundated.

The past year has seen previously unimaginable turmoil in our borough. We have lost 500 of our neighbours, friends and family members in Lambeth from Covid. And we know that the pandemic has hit some communities much harder than others.

Which is why it has been so uplifting to see thousands of volunteers, community figures, and mutual aid activists come together over the past year – whatever their backgrounds – with a whole host of inspiring projects to help those most in need.

Local businesses and our cultural life has taken a huge hit, shuttered by forces out of our control. But there’s an optimism growing now, as hospitalisations plummet and as Lambeth reopens. Can we expect a cultural boom – a new phase of recovery and new growth?

There is so much amazing work going on in the borough, and we hope to give you a flavour of it in this issue.

Local news is in a tricky state across the country, but it’s more vital than ever. So, here we are, gauging the appetite for a relaunched community paper. So if you want to see more local journalism, get in touch with your stories and ideas – and let’s see where this goes: [email protected]

Thanks for reading, and here’s to the spring,

Josiah (@josiahmortimer)

Lambeth Life

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