New multipurpose community space, bringing people together through arts and culture, coffee, and immersive experiences and creating employment opportunities for local people

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Dialogue Hub by Muse Projects CIC will connect local people and citizens, the aim is to bridge the gap between wider society and the arts, by bringing people together around arts and culture and creating dialogue and sharing experiences the project aims to create a more inclusive society . The project will run collaboratively and in partnership with local people and organisations and will support local artists and talent in the area. The Hub will host an immersive experience and sensory experience set in total darkness where visitors are led by blind and visually imparied guides, a British Sign Language cafe where customers interact with deaf and hard of hearing baritas and an exhibition programme creating a platform for emerging artists in Waterloo.









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Dialogue Experience

A sensory exhibition set in total darkness, designed to enlighten you and push you out of your comfort zone.

Dialogue Experience is an incubator for social change. It creates employment opportunities for people with sight loss while creating a platform to share their experiences with the visitors which leads to life-changing conversations, one visitor at a time.

Experiencing extraordinary and powerful emotions that are challenging, has a long-lasting effect on people. It also improves the quality of their human interactions and behavior when immersed in a different world . Dialogue Experience certainly is not an ordinary exhibition , it is a platform for communication and a close exchange between different cultures, provoking a change in perspectives . We immerse people into a reality that they have never been able to relate to in order to facilitate broader social change and transformation.


The Cafe

Positive Social Change through a cup of coffee

At the heart of London, in Waterloo , a cafe where deaf and hearing-impaired people are trained to become baristas, and customers will order their drinks in British Sign Language with the assistance of the assets and signage around them. This unique coffee shop has a very strong commitment to social inclusion and change.

The aim of the cafe is to champion British Sign Language by inviting people into a new way of communicating while creating employment opportunities for deaf and hearing-impaired people in the London Borough of Lambeth. All Press, La Marzocco, InSign Language and the London Borough of Lambeth have partnered with Muse Projects CIC to deliver this amazing concept. This platform will allow the public to gain a deeper insight into different perspectives and realities. By creating alternative communication and dialogue experiences the Cafe will help the public to step outside of their comfort zone and engage and think differently, towards an inclusive society.

At Dialogue Hub, kindness comes first , just like what mark twain once said ‘kindness is the language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see’. You may not know the sign but you can be kind and start learning SSL.








Image credit: Jerry Dobson


The Exhibition Programme

The hub will also have a regular exhibition and events programme that will be completely free. The programme will support local and emerging artists in the area to create a platform to showcase their work and connect people through these events and exhibitions.



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