Tackling isolation with an online ecosystem serving leaders in Lambeth

Leadership in communities and businesses can be challenging on an average week. However at this moment, due to isolation and Covid-19 pandemic, it is vital that we connect authentically and meaningfully to continue to support our communities.

BUD has launched a crowdfunding campaign to build Activate! Lambeth Online, an innovative online ecosystem to give an opportunity to share those challenges and offer support. It will connect 100 community leaders of positive change in Lambeth through bi-weekly online event, group support sessions, training and coaching.

BUD is a social enterprise dedicated to providing support to those leading positive change by a variety of unconventional, transformational leadership programmes. They conducted interviews with Lambeth Community Leaders and they all expressed their need to connect online with other leaders such as themselves in order to receive support and tools from people who are facing similar challenges. One quoted: “Connection would make the biggest difference for me right now”.

In July last year, BUD organised ‘Activate! The Best Leaders create Leaders’ event that brought together 100 community and business activists from London to celebrate, connect and collaborate for positive change. The event triggered conversations about the lack of space for leaders to simply connect, share experiences and offer advice to each other. Motivated by the feedback from Activate! participants, BUD started designing an ecosystem of leaders serving other leaders.

Georgina Wilson, Founder and CEO of BUD said: “We’ve always recognised that Leaders of organisations doing good give so much for others. We know that now more than ever our Leaders are supporting so many others and going above and beyond to do so. But what about them? We are offering a way to serve our Lambeth Leaders by giving them the space to share, connect and collaborate. We believe that together Lambeth is stronger.”

Support Activate! Lambeth Online crowdfunding campaign by Monday 25th May 2020, visit https://bit.ly/activatelambeth

Further information about BUD can be found at www.budleaders.org

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