Telly Mad Londoners Watch a Staggering 1,248 Hours of TV a Year (the Equivalent of 52 Days) According to New Research

LONDON, UK – 8th January, 2021 – A new survey into the UK’s TV viewing habits reveals that, on average, Londoners currently spend 26 hours of every week glued to their tellies, clocking up to 104 hours a month.

Commissioned by Samsung UK, the research shows that as many as 86 percent of those in the area surveyed said having good things to watch this January and February would help them get through the bleaker winter months.

With 80 percent of the British nation having enjoyed watching more TV during 2020, the research reveals that in London the average household is set to enjoy 22 box set episodes, eight sit-coms, seven soap opera episodes and five football matches per month. A fifth of those polled said that in 2021 they could not live without their TVs.

The True Crime genre TV capital of the UK is revealed to be London, with Brits in the city set to enjoy eight episodes each month.

In an average month this year, viewers in London, will also enjoy 11 reruns of their favourite shows, nine films, seven game shows and seven reality shows – as well as a staggering 78 YouTube videos.

The research also uncovers that, over the course of a month, people in London will fall asleep in front of the TV six times, have 13 family feuds over what to watch, snuggle up with a furry friend ten times and spill something on the carpet at least 11 times.

Moreover, the research into TV habits reveals that the soap opera capital of the UK is officially Bristol, where residents will indulge in nine episodes of their favourite soap each month.

Meanwhile it was revealed that hardcore football fans are most likely to be found in Newcastle upon Tyne, watching up to six matches a month.

The research also found that London is shifting from watching traditional terrestrial TV to using more modern streaming platforms. Overall, 46 percent of the nation favours Netflix and this rings true for Londoners as 55 percent prefer to use this platform over anything else to get their entertainment fix.

Other popular streaming platforms across the capital include Amazon Prime (10 percent), Disney+ (seven percent) and BBC iPlayer (four percent).

The old saying “Laughter is the best medicine” certainly rings true across the nation, as over half of Londoners (58 percent) will be watching comedy shows to help keep spirits up throughout the beginning of the year.

In fact, viewers in the UK will laugh until they cry at least five times a month, with 53 percent of Londoners admitting comedy is their favourite type of programme to watch. This was closely followed by drama (41 percent) cookery shows (28 percent), sport (32 percent) and true crime (30 percent).

Deep Halder, Head of TV/AV Retail & Content Services, Samsung Electronics UK Ltd said: “As the nation is set to spend even more time at home this year, many of us will be turning to our TVs to provide some comfort and light relief during these times.

At Samsung, we’re always listening to what our customers desire from their viewing experiences and with almost half turning to comedy shows, we’re proud to have recently launched Samsung’s own Comedy channel via Samsung TV Plus – our exclusive service which offers Smart TV owners instant access to over 80 live and on-demand TV channels for free, guaranteeing endless entertainment options.”

The survey also showed that selecting what to view on TV isn’t always plain sailing, with the average Londoner spending 14 minutes per day bickering over what to watch, and 17 minutes flicking through the channels. One of the biggest frustrations, however, is often finding the remote in the first place, with the research revealing that we spend 14 minutes every day searching for the elusive item.

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