VAULT Festival Top Picks for March

Week 6: 2 March

Lòng Mẹ (Mother’s Soul): 3 – 8 Mar, 6pm

Lòng Mẹ takes you on two very personal journeys. A tender love letter to all mothers whose love, sacrifice, wit, and steel are what makes us who we are

Closed Lands: 3 – 8 Mar, 6.15pm

From The Berlin Wall to Trump’s America, an all-female migrant cast in a multimedia maze exploring the West’s obsession with walls and lengths people go to cross them.

V&V: 3 – 8 Mar, 7.20pm

Vita fancies Virginia; Virginia fancies Vita. Victorian society is scandalised – two WOMEN!? Lottie and Mia meet online. Will love flourish when they meet face to face?


Notflix: Originals: 4 – 8 Mar, 9.15pm

Did we mention they’re making it up on the spot? Featuring a live band and original, improvised songs.

Isma Almas: 4 – 6 Mar, 9.15pm

Isma is British multiculturalism at its best. In About a Buoy – Adventures in Adoption, her preconception-shattering, down-to-earth and engaging style, explores transracial adoption, gender, religion, sexuality, race, one homophobic Muslim mother and Freddie Mercury.

Week 7: 9 March

Bloodrites: 10 – 12 Mar, 6pm

When two worlds collide the broken web of untold blood stories unravel. What happens to the pain and shame carried through generations when stories are left untold?

When We Died: 10 – 15 Mar, 6.10pm

He’s dead, and it’s her job to present his body. She often imagines what each person’s life was like. But today she doesn’t have to imagine. She knows this man. She remembers what he did to her.

Freedom Hi 自由閪: 10 – 15 Mar, 7.30pm

This piece eschews an authorial voice in favour of a kaleidoscope of perspectives on the 2019 Anti-ELab protests – which could be on-going or history by the time you read this.


Helen Duff & Elf Lyons: Unlikely Darlings: 11 – 13 Mar, 9.45pm

Award winning comedians and Gaulier trained performers Helen Duff and Elf Lyons unite in a beautiful and anarchic homage to the absurd life of cult surrealist artist Leanora Carrington.

Crybabies: Danger Brigade: 10 – 12 Mar, 7.20pm

Join 2019 Edinburgh Comedy Award Nominees for their smash hit debut hour of action, adventure, WWII, rats, crisps, tables, and concerns of the heart.

Week 8: 16 March

Miles Apart Together: 17 – 22 Mar, 6pm

From cycling around the world to doing spectacular airshows or climbing the highest mountains, Annie, Bessie and Junko fought the prejudice that surrounded them. But where are their stories now?

Pyneapple: 17 – 19 Mar, 6.10pm

PYNEAPPLE explores the minds of five young black women on different journey’s on their life, yet still connect through their individual battles with mental health, sexuality, discrimination and self-love.

A Lightweight Disposable Product: 17 – 22 Mar, 7.30pm

An explosive, poetic and rebellious spectacle exploring one young, mixed race woman’s journey from teenage runaway to becoming one of the UK’s first women in punk.


Jenny Bede: The Musical: 20 – 22 Mar, 8.40pm

Much like Greggs and Nationalism, Musical Theatre is having a moment. Ever the fair weather friend, Jenny wants in on the action and attempts to write her own.

Jordan Brookes: This Is Just What Happens: 20 – 22 Mar, 7.20pm

An hour of semi-improvised time-filling. I can’t promise anything. I don’t know what I’ll be talking about. I’ve no idea what this will be.

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