Waterloo Community Theatre welcomes young enthusiasts

Waterloo Community Theatre is not your usual theatre company. WCT is a theatre company making original work with, for and about young people. They deliver affordable weekly drama sessions for young people aged 8-16 and they run their sessions out of Chandler Community Hall, a fantastic community asset on Lambeth Walk, and target young people who live or go to school in the Waterloo area. WCT explores topics that are relevant to young people’s lives through participatory workshops with the aim of creating work that conveys messages that matter to them, but most importantly, that the young people have created together and are proud of.

After being operational for 18 months and working with young people exclusively, they are now venturing into unknown but very exciting territory – their new project is an intergenerational project which we call Waterloo Whispers. The project has been made possible through the Coca Cola London Eye/VMG Community Chest funding and is administered by WaCoCo (Waterloo Community Coalition). The aims of the project are to bridge the gap between generations and promote community cohesion through a creative participatory process that will result in a community sharing event in December. WCT will do this through explorations of Waterloo’s history and future from two very different generational perspectives; older people in our community and our younger group of 8-11 year olds.

WCT says, “In our research and development state we met with various local seniors-groups. We listened to their stories about Waterloo, their insights and feelings about the area, and we hope that this will help us steer the workshops in the direction that the participants feel is right and will do the project justice. It’s an incredibly exciting time and we have got to meet so many amazing people with incredible stories to tell – we can’t wait to see the shape the project will take.

We are half-way through the project and are thrilled that we have new young people joining as well as some older people joining the sessions. Sessions are led by WCT director and theatre practitioner Anna Glarin and drama facilitator Laura Sharpe and we meet once a week. Our work will culminate in a, or even a few, community sharing events to which everyone in our community is invited.”

Do you know a young person who you think will benefit from the work WCT does?

Do you know an older person who would like to take part in this project?

Do you have a Waterloo-story to share?

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