Westminster Kitchen

Westminster Kitchen grill house is the new kid on the block in the heart of Waterloo offering customers a diverse range of dining experiences that never fail to disappoint even the highest expectations. Close to the London Eye and the River Thames its location is just eight minutes’ walk from Parliament Square across Westminster Bridge.

Not surprisingly Westminster Kitchen is popular with MPs and civil servants and those who work with them but also with families and people from Lambeth’s di

verse communities and beyond. That includes tourists visiting the UK from the U.S., Europe, and the Asia Pacific including Australia and New Zealand.

Westminster Kitchen was the brainchild of a dynamic restaurateur, politician, and entrepreneur Ibrahim Dogus, founder of the Centre for Turkey Studies, who already had two other restaurants on the same street when the new kid on the block opened in 2016 with a different food offer. The cuisine ranges from classic English including mouth-watering steaks and grills to Mediterranean salads and pasta dishes not forgetting an excellent homemade soup of the day. The restaurant has disabled access and welcomes wheelchair users as well as parents with pushchairs. Service starts at 7 a.m. and continues until 11.30 p.m.

Accordingly, it is popular with businessmen and women for breakfast meetings especially those who want an early start and some refreshment after navigating Waterloo Station or a place for an after-work meeting with colleagues. Located opposite St Thomas’ Hospital and handy for anyone with a hospital appointment or visiting a patient, Westminster Kitchen prides itself on attentive but not overwhelming service. Its fresh well-cooked food is served with a smile by a polyglot staff and includes ever-popular dishes such as fish and chips, crispy duck, burgers, and salads to name but a few. The food offer is matched by a well-chosen range of wines and a house beer plus excellent coffee and t
ea and soft drinks.

Westminster Kitchen is easily accessible by bus as well as by Tube to Westminster Station or Waterloo. As an indication of its popularity with the whole community, the restaurant is regularly patronised by women from the ethnic minority communities who feel relaxed enough to take their children and friends there.

Westminster Kitchen, 3A/B Belvedere Road, SE1 7GP

Tel 0207 928 1986


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